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All funds collected from presentations are used to assist families who have lost children due to gang violence. We help these families with purchasing headstones, funeral expenses, paying for medical expenses, or other special needs.

Please contact us at least three weeks before the event. Any additional information about the group/organization is helpful to us in preparing for the presentation. Please allow flexibility in scheduling the presentation since some of our speakers are also college students and/or volunteers. The format of the presentation will be designed to fit the needs of your group. However, we do offer several formats:


GROUP  YOUTH INTERVENTION: 1 hour up to 100 people; students or residents

This is an intervention-oriented presentation including: autobiographical success stories, prevention and intervention techniques, and open discussion.




ADULT TRAINING2.5 Hours per training 10-30 people; educators, counselors, professionals, and other adults who work with youth The format of these training presentations will depend on the needs of the group, but can include: panel or open discussions, questions and answer sessions, and more. Topics include: criminal mind set, identifying risk and protective factors, levels of gang involvement, how gang activity impacts the youth, family, community and educational environment, and more.




GANGS 101: Topics Covered:  Indicators of gang involvement, who is a gang member, levels of gang involvement, current gang trends, differences between Denver gangs/hybrid crews, and differences between gang vs. tagging crew graffiti. 

GANGS102 Denver GANGS EXPOSED: Overview of Denver gangs including territory, history, affiliation, rivals, symbols and more.

GANGS 103: Topics Covered:  Interventions to utilize with gang involved individuals including ex-gang members that will give examples of what interventions worked for them.

ADULT FULL DAY TRAINING: 8 hours 50 or more people;  Adults Adaptation of 101, 102 and 103 trainings. Includes questions and answer session.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Partial and full scholarships are available. Write a brief letter addressing the need for the scholarship and email it to 



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