Francisco Gallardo
Program Director
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Francisco “Cisco” Gallardo, in his teen years, he joined what has been one of the largest gangs in Denver’s north side. Since that time, after facing a possible 48years in prison, he has dedicated his life to undoing the damage he helped cause. By redefining respect, power and pride and making a commitment to help the youth heal, he has helped countless young people, over the past 24 years, to redefine their own lives through his work in the community

Johnnie Williams
GRASP Enterprises Director/AIM Outreach
Mobile Phone 720-295-9694

Johnnie is currently working with youth in the community by supplying constructive alternatives to gangs and other destructive activities.  He is actively involved within the community, focusing primarily on educating teenagers on gaining and preserving self-respect, finding a positive purpose in life, learning to be more responsible and learning to make good choices as well leaving the gang lifestyle.  He joined GRASP in July, 2008.

Pete Reyes
GRASP Program Assistant
Mobile Phone 720-443-0410

A former gang member and now reformed community. activist, began his road to redemption when he realized all the pain and damage he caused his family and community when he was actively part of the gang. In hopes of bettering his community for his nieces and nephew Peter began mentoring local youth by taking them to boxing classes and church on Sunday's. He later became the assistant coach of a boxing program at a recreation center in his neighborhood, before finally accepting a position with “GRASP”

Michelle McDaniel
AIM Community Outreach
Mobile Phone 720-429-3299

Before accepting a position as a GRID Outreach worker in January 2012, Michelle volunteered for GRASP for 5 years while pursuing a degree in Human Services. Her experiences as a former runaway and gang member have allowed her educate, empower as well as encourage youth to make better choices.

Jerry Morgan
AIM Community Outreach
Mobile Phone 720-863-4589

Jerry Morgan was raised in different parts of the United States, but he spent the majority of his life in Denver, Colorado. He had a rough childhood and was in and out of trouble, but made a transformational change while in high school. He started his work with youth when he was 11 years old, and has worked with them since. He currently volunteers his time with numerous organizations throughout the state, and other organizations throughout the country. He studied human services and cultural studies at Metro State University of Denver, and received a degree in youth development through cultural awareness. He is now working in the At-risk Intervention and Mentoring program that is a collaboration between Grasp and Denver Health.

Ben Lopez
Denver Outreach Worker
Mobile Phone 303-517-4289

Ben graduated from Jim Elliot High School in 2006. Ben joined a program called Masters Commission and City Conquest from 2006-2010 in Phoenix, AZ working with at-risk youth of Arizona with the Phoenix First Assembly and Scottsdale Assembly of God. Through that program, Ben became an Outreach Pastor, Youth Leader, and main speaker for the City Conquest School assembly program. In 2011, Ben came back to Colorado and worked for West Side Learning Center for a year, then spent time in Australia working with youth. Ben became a valued member of GRASP in April of 2014. 

Ron Blan
A-GRIP Outreach
Mobile Phone 720-505-9776

Ronald, a Denver native, comes from a gang background. Although in a gang in his youth, he avoided being sent to juvenile detention; however, as an adult he was facing 32 years in prison for gang-related crimes. Since being set free from the charges, he has been working with youth for 18 years to ensure they would not follow his path. He now strives to give youth positive alternatives by educating them on the truths of gangs.  He joined GRASP as the Aurora GRIP and Adams City High School Outreach Worker in January 2012

James Mora
Production Manager, GRASP Enterprises Silk Screen and Embroidery Division
Mobile Phone 720-336-1662

James Mora has been involved with working with youth for 30 plus years in the form of case managing youth, coaching baseball, football and boxing in Northern Colorado.  As a youth James had his run-ins with the judicial system and decided to change his life and repair the damage he helped create in his community.  James has taken the concept of paying it forward by working with youth by providing hope and opportunities through the Bam's Legacy Foundation that he helped co-found and currently chairs which provides educational college scholarships and Christmas gifts to the less fortunate. James' experience in Case Managing youth in the judicial system the last 8 years, along with his 22 years experience in silk screen printing made this opportunity of accepting the Production Manager for GRASP Enterprises Silk Screen & Embroidery Division a perfect match for him.  James looks forward to growing this social enterprise business and he is eager to teach the young people that join GRASP Enterprises work skills, life skills and the drive to become successful individuals in the work environment.